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"We are pleased to announce our merger with Young Adjustment Company, Inc. This merger allows us to provide a superior range of Public Adjustment and Loss Consulting Services. We look forward to continuing to service our clients both new and old." - Stephen R. Figlin, SPPA, FPPA


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Almost every business person and homeowner is covered by insurance for fires, theft, storm, flood damage, casualties, and other perils - yet most insureds have no inkling of the technical language included in policies sometimes known as "small print." Nor do they understand the complicated procedures a policyholder must go through to present and conclude their claims.

In most cases, the adjuster for the insurance company promises that he will take care of everything and the policyholder will be reimbursed for damages, etc.

BUT, you must keep in mind that these adjusters represent the insurance company, not you, the policyholder, and that you the insured, are responsible for preparing, presenting and documenting your claims. That is where Stephen R. Figlin & Associates come into the claims pictures.

The Public Adjuster is YOUR representative when you make claims for insured property losses. The adjuster should be a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. It is your adjuster who not only understands the "small print" in your policy, he or she is so thoroughly trained that you will get the maximum return for your loss claim. It is that simple.

The Public Adjuster knows that the burden of proof, for example, on a fire loss is on the policyholder. Not the insurance company. Undoubtedly, you were not aware of this. Most policyholders have no idea they must shoulder this responsibility when making a complete presentation of their claim. The experienced public adjuster understands such details, and just about everything else contained in your insurance policy. This experience, this knowledge, is to your advantage because the public adjuster works to get you all that you are entitled to.

It is important to note that our professional loss consultants can assist in evaluate building damage, identify damage to affected equipment and documents, record inventory loss, and perform a full review of coverage in order to maximize the right of recovery for all losses, including Business Interruption. We can also help determine replacement costs, salvage values and depreciation factors, among other services. Stephen R. Figlin & Associates can assist in determining uninsured losses for tax purposes; servicing also, those companies and organizations who are self-insured. Even before a loss occurs, we are available to review policy coverages and values.

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